About Us

about us

Our History

In 1932, first-generation Mauritius-born Edward Clark Oxenham founded the company that bears his name, and started producing wine from imported raisins. The smallness of the market, the island’s plantation economy, and Edward Clark Oxenham’s untimely death in 1948 did not make things easy for the Company, which first survived, and then slowly began to prosper, by sheer dint of hard work and perseverance.

The key turning point for both Mauritius and the Company came in the 1960s,when the country’s economy began to diversify into export-oriented manufacturing industry, and the Oxenham family’s first full-fledged oenologist graduated from the university of Dijon in France. Today, the family counts no fewer than three oenologists, all from the university of Dijon.

The way we are

We value modesty as a frame of mind, and honesty, integrity and consideration for others as rules of life.

We treasure our Principals as invaluable business partners, our Employees as our most precious asset, and the satisfaction of our Customers and Consumers as our life-blood.

Above all, we are industrious and ardently committed to the development of our enterprise for the greater benefit of our Principals, Employees, Customers and Consumers, as well as our own.

The Future

The development and achievements of our Company since its inception in 1932 have been appreciable by any standards.

We do not intend to sleep on our laurels. Our development and diversification plans for the future concern production, imports & distribution, and exports.

We shall continue to build ever-closer ties with our existing business partners and welcome new partnerships and projects likely to favour our sustained development.


Over four generations, Oxenham has continued to innovate and improve its savoir-faire to produce unique, authentic and full of character wines and spirits. To offer a widest range of products to Mauritians, Oxenham also imports and distributes world-renowned brands of wine, champagne, spirit, whisky, juice, chocolate and coffee, known for their excellence and prestige.

With a network servicing over 4,900 point of sale: shops, hotels, restaurants and supermarkets, Oxenham has set up a well-functioning distribution system.

Every day, our dedicated team of commercial travelers visit shops with a loaded truck and deliver to each point of sale according to their needs, without prior purchase order. At the same time, sales representatives visit hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in different regions of the island to deliver previously ordered goods. Oxenham ensures that deliveries are promptly made and values their relationship with all business partners.

For any order, call our sales representatives on 696 7950 or send us an email at invoice.dept@oxenham.mu