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De Grendel

Country of Origin : South Africa

Winemaking at De Grendel is a careful balance between science and art. The meticulous care of the vineyards allows the grapes to express the environment in which they are grown and their distinctive varietal character. Careful harvesting and gentle handling in the cellar, combined with the winemakers’ passionate practice of their craft, carry the wines throughout their journey from fruit into wine. The state of the art winery is respectful of the age-old traditions of winemaking yet firmly and uncompromisingly modern in technological advancements, a perfect marriage of old and new. Time and patience. In an ever increasingly impatient world, wine is nature’s lesson in patience. The De Grendel wines range from expressive vibrant whites to complex and characterful reds. Poetic and lyrical in their structure and character, the wines continue to change and evolve until that magical moment when the wine is poured into a glass. Each bottle is a culmination of the vine’s journey through changing seasons, and the care and passion employed in the cellar - the ultimate expression of the wonders of nature combined with human craftmanship.

Brand/s : De Grendel