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Reh Kendermann

Country of Origin : Germany

Origin in Rheinland-Pfalz Reh Kendermann exports to the world and our wines are enjoyed on every continent.
Reh Kendermann spans a wine net around the world
Bingen is home to the Reh Kendermann Winery with further wine-making sites in Böchingen, Leiwen and Gau-Bickelheim.   Reh Kendermann also owns 250 hectares of prime vineyards in Oprisor in the south-west of Romania.
In addition to being Germany’s largest export winery, we also import outstanding wines from some of the world’s greatest wine regions, many of which are bottled at source.
With more than 15 million bottles sold per year around the world Black Tower is the No. 1 wine brand from Germany.

Brand/s : Reh Kendermann