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Jean Claude Boisset

Country of Origin : France

Maison Jean-Claude Boisset, a company founded entirely on wine and on one man… our father. It is our intention to transcend this name – our own name – so that it might come to symbolise excellence itself… As his children, our goal is to maintain a single-minded focus on this company, with all its passions, history, sentiments and sensibilities.
If this has occasionally been neglected in the past, it has only been because modesty demands the respect that is due to other more venerable, more illustrious names. Yet, like our family itself, the Maison Jean-Claude Boisset remains a fond subject which will always be close to our hearts. After all, it is by devoting ourselves to serving the company that we honour our father... Our efforts can be described in a single word: uncompromising! Each separate aspect of our work has been subject to scrupulous examination and an indefatigable determination to create exceptional wine: strict parcel selection, the careful choice of perfect grapes, exemplary wine production techniques… an in-depth labour of love, breathing life into the sort of rare wines which are the stuff of dreams. This is the story behind a special brand: Jean-Claude Boisset, built on a warm, enduring family spirit.

Brand/s : Jean Claude Boisset