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Divine Victoria Pineapple

Fruit Wines Mauritius


They say that it is fierce on the outside, sweet in the inside. The pineapple was given its English name for its resemblance to a pine cone. Christopher Columbus brought this native of South America back to Europe as one of the exotic prizes of the New World.

Uniquely, sweet at first, it leaves a particular sour taste on the tongue, making the pineapple a surprisingly ideal ingredient for winemaking. Hand-picked early morning at its highest brix level, the pineapples were then stored at 12°C for one week to allow further aromatic development.

The finest pineapples were sourced from meticulously tended plantations located in the beautiful area of Les Mariannes. Its north-west oriented slopes and humic latosols soil provide the best terroir to produce pineapples of the finest quality used in the crafting of this exotic wine.

The clean fruits were finely chopped and crushed then fermented with a selected yeast strain for 21 days at 18°C. Reductive winemaking techniques were used to ensure minimal oxygen exposure, thus preserving fruit characters.
Tasting notes: The semi-sweet wine offers a true expression of the fruit which is pronounced with citrusy notes in the background. The wine has a great complexity and fruit intensity which is well balanced with a crisp acidity.